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Malvern HPPS - High Performance Particle Sizer

The Malvern HPPS or High Performance Particle Sizer is a unique instrument capable of measuring the size of particles in a colloid from 6000 nanometers diameter down to 0.60 nanometers using Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS). Measurements are made in conventional cuvettes, eliminating the possibility of sample cross-contamination.

Using a standard helium-neon laser, the HPPS has the highest sensitivity of any DLS system available. Concentrated samples traditionally difficult to dilute without affecting their size distribution can often be measured in their original state, or with minimal dilution. To cover this range of applications, the HPPS uses a patented optical system called Non-Invasive Back-Scatter or NIBS.

The HPPS can measure the size of colloidal particles down to approximately twice the diameter of a single atom.

Technical description and brochure for the HPPS.

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